Illinois House approves cuts to education funding

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    SPRINGFIELD — House lawmakers today overwhelmingly approved a budget for schools that lowers state assistance and early childhood education funding.

    The vote sends the bill to a Democratic-led Senate that has struggled to come to agreement on the high-profile issue.
    The measure represented the first major education budget bill to pass either chamber and portends a showdown on the overall budget with Senate Democrats, who have called for spending more money than the House. Democratic Gov. Pat Quinn wants to spend more than either chamber, particularly on education.

    “You can only spend what you have,” said Rep. Will Davis, D-Homewood, who chaired the House committee overseeing budgets for elementary and high schools.

    A key reduction calls for general state aid for all schools to be cut by around 4 percent, according to lawmakers.

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    Clout St: Illinois House approves cuts to education funding


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