ILLINOIS BETRAYED: Withdraws From Program That Catches Foreign Invaders

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    Gov. Pat Quinn and state lawmakers Wednesday cast Illinois as a sympathetic voice in the nation's volatile immigration debate with two actions that run counter to a wave of pro-enforcement measures approved or under consideration in Arizona and other states.

    Quinn's office on Wednesday sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security declaring the state's formal withdrawal from Secure Communities, a federal deportation program that targets hardened criminals but has also been used against illegal immigrants arrested for misdemeanor crimes.

    Nearly a third of all illegal immigrants deported out of Illinois under the program have never been convicted of any crime, the letter stated, citing federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement figures. Quinn's office suspended the state's role in the program in November amid concerns about its effectiveness.

    "During the suspension, we voiced our concerns to ICE and asked them to prove that Secure Communities can and will be implemented as agreed to," the governor's office said in a statement. "After review, we were not satisfied and determined that ICE's ongoing implementation of Secure Communities is flawed."

    Read more of this outrage:
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    The Governor of Illinois has shot Americans in the back once again by dismissing a Federally run program to protect Americans from the hoards of foreign invaders that seek to destroy the American way of life and promote the Latin American takeover of the United States.

    Illinois already has the greatest number of gang member per capita of any US state. It is the hub of the Latin American drug trade. It will soon attract more foreign invaders as it becomes more "criminal friendly".

    Illinois will now become the "Munich" of the new Reich and Luis Gutierrez the "Hitler". I guess that makes Pat Quinn the "von Hindenburg" in this treachery.

    Will the rest of the United States give in to these animals?

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