Illegal aliens disenfranchise afro-americans

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    ILLEGAL ALIENS DISENFRANCHISE AFRO-AMERICANS(Much like Columbus and the English conquest disenfranchised the Native Americans.)

    Illegal Aliens are hurting Afro-Americans the most by illegal immigration. Afro-Americans has been fired and replaced by Illegal Aliens. Afro-American have a higher rate of unemployment than Illegal Aliens. There are no jobs Illegal Aliens do that “even” Afro-Americans will not do. As President Calderon allege and our leaders agree. Of all people Jackson, Sharpton, Cosby, West, Cain and Obama, products of Affirmative Action, know how the system still discriminate against the Afro-American man and is pro-amnesty for Illegal Aliens that displaces Afro-American men in jobs and educations.

    I remember in the 50s when Afro-American children was not allowed to eat in the school cafeteria until after the Anglo-Americans and Hispanics (legal and illegal) ate and what was left and sometime there was nothing left for some of them and they went without lunch. (Eloy, Ariz, Pinal County)

    Very few Afro-Americans are allowed to earn their way. They have to work twice as hard to be just as good. Jackson, etc, know this all to well and still they allow their fellow men to be trampled on. Illegal immigration is just another form of discrimination against Afro-Americans. I have seen first hand Illegal Aliens doing jobs once held by Afro-Americans men. My friend’s grandson is working in Venezuelan doing construction work for the past 4 years because after his apprenticeship he was replaced by Illegal Aliens. Jackson, etc, are what is called “upperties” in denial who forgot how they got where they are.

    Afro-American children are told they can be anything they want to be and all they have to do is work hard. They were not told they have to work twice as hard. Even twice as hard as Illegal Aliens.

    What afro-American child would like to be where Obama is right now. I believe Obama would rather be any other place then where he is. The next hundred years will be blamed on Obama.

    Columbus did not discover America he and his thugs “conquered” American by destroying the Native Americans in their search for religious freedom and a “better life.” Sound familiar? Illegal Aliens is search for a “better life" is destroying the lives of Americans. English came bearing small pox, influenza and pigs destroying the life of Native Americans. 90% of Native Americans were victims of genocide by those that set up Jamestown.

    Payback is a bitch.

    We are doomed to repeat our mistakes if we haven't learned from them first.
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