If it wasn't for unrelenting biased support in the last 75 years

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    The democrat party would cease to exist if it wasn't for dishonest unrelenting biased support from the media in the last 75 years. For example: There is no way around it, Korea was Harry Truman's baby. The invasion was authorized by executive order and not authorized by congress but it was the right thing to do ...at first. The mission was completed in less than a year and the war was over...or was it? Truman let his general make the decision to invade North Korea with exhausted Troops, thin supply lines and the prospect of a severe winter. In short Truman turned victory into a humiliating truce at the cost of about 36,000 lives in three years. There was little outrage in the media and Truman's fake legacy was preserved by the biased media. HUAC was a democrat program and it was good idea at first. Exposing communists was supported initially by the media until a republican was elected president and then communists became victims and the whole thing was blamed on a republican senator. Democrat segregationists fought against the Civil Rights act at first and then blamed recneck republicans. LBJ's invasion of South VietNam was a good idea at first but his administration set the rules so that the US could not possibly win. Nixon was ultimately blamed for the debacle. Democrats tried to impeach Reagan for trying to stop communist infiltration into Central America. A relatively unnoticed amendment to a Military appropriations bill by a left wing democrat name Boland stopped funding to fight communism. Democrats initially gave permission for boots on the ground in Iraq and Afghanistan and then spent years trying to undermine the mission and the Military and pretending that they were bystanders. Today we have a left wing president and a left wing senate majority and a republican majority in congress and the media pretends that economic recovery depends on republicans and the Tea Party is a sinister force while Wisconsin public workers who are breaking the law are the good guys.

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