If I was a judge I could probably not decide this case, but if I was a leader I would

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    I think which ever side you take about this media publicized Trayvon/Zimmerman event, both sides do not know, have no way of knowing what the truth is and therefor both sides are idiots for even attempting to be smart. I almost fell into that category by posting a thread once after reading all the details on wikipedia (at least they were not from some news media source) but then before I clicked post, I had the desency to ask myself "am I really sure of my opinion" and I was NOT sure, so I did not post it, even though I spent 30+ minutes writing it. "opinions are like asses, everyone has one, and they all stink"

    But I do know THIS:
    If I was a president, I would do something about crime in general, such as the way we would be dealing with street thugs, drug dealers, robbers and all the other filth, and therefor eliminate the need for these gated communities in the first place. and I can swear to you on my life, that would someone (god) say to me "you be the president of USA" I would decline it, and the reason I would decline is because I know their hands are tied with all the other filth known as senators and congressmen - only a dictator (a leader without opposition) could fix our nation now. and I would not object to such a leader coming to power, as long as he is a decent human being like myself, who is not a career politician or some lawyer or war monger or another servant to special interests, but a person who like me has lived in the real America, real ghetto, loves humanity, does not judge by race or religion etc. we need this leader, and I believe the scum on television are for the filth, and they would be the ones to call a leader (not to be confused with a powerless puppet, an acting principal) they would call such a leader "dictator, tyrant," etc. A leader should be in and out after 4 years, 8 tops.

    BECAUSE: a leader as I just described (say it's me) while I can not explain to you it would take too long and become too confusing, since there's always to look from another angle and argue WHATEVER I say, as a leader one could do THIS: like a garden or a painting, one person in charge can do a better job then a bunch of retards or experts improvising and jamming together trying to outdo each other, crap happens, and so is the case with the justice system of our country. we think it's the best, but in my imagination lies much better.

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