If america is to become american again

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    The claim is made that Obama, a Christian,
    opposes secular democratic Muslim governments
    and that Obama kowtows to those Muslim governments
    that are ruled by dictators.

    The claim is also made that Romney, a Mormon,
    a religion related to active Judaism,
    thus may or will be unduly influenced either directly or indirectly
    by Jewish influences.

    No one claims,however, that Mormonism is evil or that Christianity is evil
    and most persons will agree that both religions,
    as they affect individual relations,
    are good religions and within the realm of individual relations
    both religions seek to promote good.


    Nor does anyone claim that either Obama or Romney is personally evil.
    Most will agree that both men are good family men;
    are helpful in individual matters to others,
    are moral in respect to their personal relationships,.
    wish you well,
    are law abiding men, at least as they view the law,
    attend their churches and support them,
    and would make good neighbors, etc.

    Both men, however, are uncompromising supporters
    of the policies of Israel
    to the extent they make and/or would make Israel's policies our policies,
    and are irreligious in that
    they support evil foreign policies,
    unending war,
    the oppression of minorities,
    the removal of secular governments,
    the removal of democratic governments,
    the brutal torture of human beings-sometimes to death,,
    the near indiscriminate murder of innocent civilians,
    the spreading of false information,
    corporations as persons and money as speech,
    the ignoring of the needs of the poor,
    the robbery of the middle class,
    the funneling of money to the superwealthy,
    civil and criminal injustice,
    the destruction of our constitutional rights, etc, etc.

    Such things are evil and to the extent such things are evil both Obama and Romney are evil.

    Similar charges can be made against others who occupy prominent positions,
    but when such charges are made against those who occupy or would occupy the office of the presidency
    the charges are magnified many times over by the importance of the office
    and the effect on America and most of the world
    by the actions of whoever is and whoever becomes its holder.

    Vote for evils of such magnitude and you support evil.

    Refuse to vote for anyone who supports such evils
    and you strengthen the forces that soon must combine
    if America is to become American again.

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