I.T Culture form of govt.

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    Honourable Barack Obama January 20, 2009
    President of
    United States of America.

    Dear President,

    Please accept my heartiest congratulations and I express my warm wishes to you to play a strong role for the world leadership. In my vision the ground of history is being prepared for new world leader. I request, please step forward and perform this noble job to restore true values of right and wrong.

    I wish to invite your kind attention towards a noble job to decode industry culture for compatible coding of I.T. culture through broad based democracy. I realize the full import of the new world which is being shaped by nature. The ground of history is being prepared for a new world leader. The human controversies are vain and inconclusive. If you and we put our trust in “GOD” we belong to one brotherhood. We should recover the balance that has been upset by evil forces before it is too late. We cannot change ideology or civilization but we can harmonize diverse culture. The rules of refined social ethics are as necessary to teach today as it was centuries ago.

    I would like to draw your kind attention towards the Quranic Verse in chapter-5, SURA ALMAIDAH VERSE – 82 which says:
    And you will find the nearest in love to the believers (Muslims) those who say: “We are Christians.” That is because amongst them are priests and monks and they are not proud.”. This Quranic advice for Muslims is quite rational and practical as it was rightly manifested in eighties; when a global alliance of Muslims and Christians fought a war against super power. The Christian- Muslim alliance successfully disintegrated the super power. This success made other nations and global players pessimistic about their future against this unity. The non-believers sitting at the corner of the world, united together have launched undeclared economic war on the believers and have dumped either copied or counterfeit products into our markets. HINDU AND BUDH with one third world population (China and India). Without any alliance designed new world order successfully and brought Muslims and Christians at war. This created a Gulf between Muslims and Christians. Muslim-Christian conflict can give two results.

    Firstly, if Christian win, in this case third Power (most Probably Russian, Chinese and Indian alliance) will unite and start fresh war against the winner for domination in consumer market and control of Oil source with the unconditional support of son of soil.

    Secondly, if Christians and Muslims continue fighting for another one year with no clear victory. This situation will attract Third Power to interfere and engage Christians with another task, and shall create a situation of third world war. After this, third Power can give global call to the public for popular codes. Human Rights and State Sovereignty which will encourage public to overthrow dictators/rulers of Middle East.

    Both the situations are not favourable. I will request, please give attention to RUSSIA and Muslim countries to join us as our ally and we should address their worries and grievances and we must not let them join HINDU and BUDH. Can we afford China and India as world Power closest to oil reserves? We should identify our common religious beliefs and economic interests for unity. We should set aside the bitterness of our past.

    Advancement of information Technology has caused Truth to manifest itself against all odds. The credentials of truth are known by the test of time, good, right and truth are final, these do not merely come and go but creates new situation to restore the true balance disturbed by evil, wrong and falsehood. The time theme and its mystery with relation to human history demands to get our vision adjusted to the logic of events as they have unfolded themselves in the very beginning of 21st century. The present economic system has collapsed due to GREED. Interest based economy allows Managers, unlimited profit with limited liabilities, which causes GREED. Interest based economy established by contracts needs to be established by ownership based on partnership.

    Time demands a broad based Democracy.


    Since the prevailing social contract rooted in Industrial Culture and envisaging the tracheotomy of power (vested in legislature, judiciary and executive evolved in the Polytheistic Supra system) has been unable to cope with the phenomenal speed of time, the 21st Century expects mankind to come up with a fresh power sharing arrangement compatible with the recently-unfolded I.T.Culture. Therefore, a broad-based five-branch (Executive, Education, Commerce, Judiciary and Defence) democratic dispensation is the only way out for a nation/country which aspires to global leadership in the new century (organo chart attached).

    Such a government will, in conformity with universal requirements and observable phenomena of Nature, generate a fresh social contract which will ensure the happiness and growth of every individual, group, institution and (tier/level of) government/nation so that a strong welfare state emerges to zealously safeguard the rights of every human being.


    The state will play only a supervisory role, regulating and promoting all aspects of life through public institutions. All forms of discretionary authority will be abolished and the spontaneity of individuals will, through planning, foresight and co-operation, be channelled into appropriate institutions. Public institutions will be run with citizen input provided at all levels of government. The State will support such initiatives, triggered by different social forces, which will be directed to those in most need. The Government will consist of four ministries which will be established through the introduction of publicly controlled institutions intended for the welfare of the society and citizens.

    Its application is only possible as CORPORATE CULTURE based on public ranking for discipline and an ideal welfare system for education, employment, housing, health and pension compatible with all existing cultures and religions. This should be put into practical shape as self earned, public controlled and burden less for the government. This corporate culture will attract masses soul’s voice and would definitely win support for co-existence and will move the world to a Uni-system. The economic unity is always the successful unity which binds the masses and nations in the relationship of mutual Harmony. Economic advancement is possible only when an economic system will be established by ownership based on partnership.

    Best wishes for a popular world leader,

    Syed Ammar Bukhari
    Cell: +92-321-2345617
    E-Mail: peer1@mobilink.blackberry.com

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