I suupose anything is poossible

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    Now it is 18 billion? Wow! (recalculating)

    18 billion / 100 Total money divided by size of bill ($100) = 180, 000,000
    180,000,000 * .004 Number of c notes times thickness of each bill = 720,000 inches
    720,000 / 12 total inches divided by inches in a foot 60,000 feet
    60,000 / 5280 Total feet divided by feet in a mile

    EQUALS............................... (TA DA!!) 11.363636363636363636363636......MILES

    A stack of 100 dollar bills over 11 1/4 MILES HIGH!! (or long, or deep)

    How does one misplace that?

    Feel free to check my math I am not used to working with such large figures. I usually deal with figures no bigger than my social security check.

    Note: For these calculations I measured a twenty dollar bill. (sorry, I don't have a c note but I believe all bills are the same))

    Missing Iraq money may be as much as $18 billion | The Raw Story

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