I see as quite fishy those American knocks towards Russian nuclear ice-breakers..

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    I see as quite fishy those American knocks towards Russian nuclear ice-breakers in Arctic region with their allegedly obsolete nuclear equipment. I'm sure they are absolutely OK, those vessels. I guess Americans are just set to make Russian responsible for possible radioactive leaks in the region and make their own piece of Arctic pie bigger.
    Wella... these are not only words. Half a year ago I visited Alaska with the group of nuclear engineers. We examined the site where nuclear reactor on the USA military base Fort-Greely used to work up till 1972, when it was decommissioned with the nuclear core exempted. The military base itself has been functioning since 1942. It has been at decay at times but now Americans are trying to reanimate it. We were just to estimate the risks. Without going into rather classified details I can state here one fantastic thing. The dilapidated frame of the reactor is giving the heightened radioactive background with the rising figures! The rise is rather slow but it does exist! Unbelievable just! So they hurriedly took us away from Fort-Greely, much earlier than it had been planned. Soon after that I dropped to find a new well-paid job.
    Now, I'm staying worrisome. You see, I think Americans were just trying to keep us away from some sensitive areas and things in Fort-Greely. They have been conducting some chemical and bacteriological experiments there far as I know. And we perhaps owe this heightened radioactivity just to those experiments. I can't know for sure how it can be actually.

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