I ran into... vol 2

Discussion in 'Humor' started by hylandrdet, Aug 25, 2005.

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    I ran into GW Bush a month ago. He looked concerned so I asked him, "Sir, you look as if you're stuck between a rock and a hard place.". He said," Not really; Afghanistan wasn't that hard".

    I ran into Hillary Clinton the other day. I asked her about her husband's heart. She said,"His heart will be fine now that we have his appetite under control". I said, "Oh, so you did have him castrated".

    I ran into Magic Johnson the other day. I chose to avoid him out of fear that I might suggest that he changes his name because it contradicts his status.

    I ran into R. Kelly the other day. I told him that I was a big fan and that he would be a great meteorologist in Alaska. He asked me why and so I answered,"Because the forecast will always be the same. You'll be deep in the mid teens, if not lower."

    I ran into Anna Nichole Smith the other day; it was inevidable, I couldn't walk around her breasts.

    I ran into a gay rights group the other day. I told them that I will be behind their cause; I figured that I would rather "have their backs" than for them to have MINES.

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