I know why the NeoMarxists labeled Veterans "Right Wing Extremists"

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    Imagine that you're a veteran, you served your country honorably and you living your life peacefully. Maybe when you returned from your service, you worked at a company that gave health benefits and now you're covered by their plan or Medicare.

    If you're sick you go to your doctor or hospital and they treat you well because they honor your service and admire you for be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice. :clap2: If you're a Marine random people will come up to you and go "Ooooh-rah!" because yes, you're really that fucking cool! :clap2:

    Then the NeoMarxists get control of the government (they're NeoMarxists because they've borrowed heavily from the political, social and economic philosophy of all their heroes: Karl Marx, Adolph Hitler, Josef Stalin, Kim Jong Il and Chairman Mao and are putting their philosophy into effect in the USA today) and the first thing they do is label Veterans as "Right Wing Extremists" I don't believe that NeoMarxists are the ones who go up to a Veteran and thank them for their service.

    Now, the NeoMarxists have a grand plan to remake America to their liking, this means the Illegals Aliens, all 12 million of them, must be trained to suckle the teat of Big Gubbamint so that they will be the deciding factor in any future elections -- if there are any. To do that they have to addict them to Gubbamint cheese: Free Healthcare for you and all your anchor babies! And to keep down the white and black population: Federally Funded Abortions!

    But now, how will the NeoMarxists pay for this? Well, that's the thing, they NEVER CARED BEFORE HOW THEY WILL PAY FOR ANYTHING! Why start now? Did they care how they would pay for the "Stimulus Package? FUCK NO! Again, why start now?!

    Then I realized that their concern about paying for their Eugenics Plan (Aka: Health care Reform) is merely a clever way to kill off the elderly, especially Veterans (AKA Right Wing Extremists)

    Can you imagine what's going to happen when say a WWII veteran who is on dialysis suddenly learns that he's cut off; that according to Ezekiel Emanuel, who is whispering into Obama's oversized ears on health care matters, that he's not entitled to anymore health care dollars because NeoMarxists have to pay for votes of Illegal Aliens by giving them free healthcare and are trying to trim the population through federally funded abortions? He's been given a death sentence! What would you do if you were him? You might resort to Extreme measures, I know I would.

    No wonder they labeled Veterans "Right Wing Extremists!"
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