I dug this up from yesterday, because I thought we could use a good laugh....

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    Fired CBSer Cries Foul (Mary Mapes: names FreeRepublic.com as "the birth of political jihad")
    NY Post ^ | 10/5/5 | Adam Buckman

    October 5, 2005 -- THE producer at the center of last year's "Memogate" scandal at CBS News says she was derailed by a vast right-wing conspiracy.

    The producer, Mary Mapes, is one of four CBS staffers fired last January in the wake of the scandal.

    She is convinced she was the victim of a group of loosely associated Internet bloggers "with a harsh political bent" who pounced on CBS News minutes after the airing of the now-infamous Texas Air National Guard story on "60 Minutes 2" in September 2004...

    "Within a few minutes, I was online visiting Websites I had never heard of before: Free Republic, Little Green Footballs, Power Line," writes Mapes...

    "They were hard-core, politically angry, hyperconservative sites loaded with vitriol about Dan Rather and CBS."

    "This was something else, something new and fundamentally frightening," Mapes writes. "I had never seen this kind of response to any story.

    "It dawned on me that I was present at the birth of a political jihad."

    waaaaaaa, poor me... If it wasn't for those damm, pesky blogger's, I could of gotten away with it....
    (Excerpt) Read more at nypost.com ...
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    Actually, she's right. The conspiracy is so vast that it involves the majority of the American people. For five of the last six election cycles, we've been conspiring to purge liberal tyranny from our lives, and mainstream "journalists" don't like it. Just who the hell do we think we are, anyway?

    Right, Mary - gotcha. There's nothing harsh or political about airing a vicious hatchet piece in the heat of a presidential race - in a naked attempt to influence its outcome.

    I'll bet she's familiar with them NOW!

    I'm sure the truth must seem "hard-core" and "vitriolic" to habitual liars.

    Here, Mapes demonstrates that she hasn't learned a damned thing. In her heart of hearts, she still believes that the mainstream media have the divine right to say - unchallenged - anything they damn well please. How "new" and "fundamentally frightening" concepts like fairness and objectivity must be for her.

    Only an utterly spoiled, self-obsessed asshole would say something like that.
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