Hypocrisy of the International Community on Israel and Other Countries

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    If Israel farts in the desert it makes every newspaper, the Arabs tear Europe apart in protests, Jews are literally attacked all over the globe, leaders call for proportionate force, leftist hypocrites call for boycotts and every move is scrutinized. YET, 1000 fold worst unjustified atrocisties happen all over the world (many in the Muslim world) and yet the world only focuses on Israel, which is a 1st world democracy, has an Arab on their Supreme Court, has a strong Muslim presence in their Parliament and city and municipal government, has equal rights laws, has a secular laws, has affirmative action, has religious freedom etc.

    Yet take a look at worse countries:
    Saudi Arabia - Won't even let women out of a burning building because they didn't have correct islamic garb on. SA is 100% muslim country. They have ZERO tolerance for other religions.
    Iran - Regularly stones to death adultries, rape victims and gays! They are extremely brutal to their Arab minority. Christians are persecuted in that country like no other.

    Yemen - Just today they slaughtered 31 peaceful protesters.

    Sudan - Muslim Arab genocided to the sum of half million African, mostly Christians of Darfur!

    Russia - Invaded Georgia with such brutal and over-whelming force, that any future calls by them against dispproportiate force is garbage!

    The Fictious State of Kosovo - Kosovo was the heart of Serbia, before the Albanians and Bosnians invaded and ethnically cleansed the Serbs from their country's heartland.

    Turkey - They massacrue the Kurds on a daily basis. They still occupy lands that rightful belong to Kurdistan and Armenia! They currently occupy Cyprus! Yet they get a free pass!

    Congo - Anyone who studies this country can only characterize what goes on there as genocide. They use rape of CHILDREN as a means of war!

    South Africa - Rape, Murder and Car Jack capital of the WORLD! Good job Mendela. This country decried the horror of apartheid, yet they enacted a similar system to persecute their White minority! They have state sanctioned discrimination/pograms against whites! It's amazing that they could allow that.

    Nigeria - Muslims massacrue the Christian any chance they get.

    Lebanon - Their Christian majority has been ethnically cleansed from the country and is estimated anywhere between 15-25% and rapidly SHRINKING!

    Myammar - One of the most brutal governments on the country. They in an ever growing state of civil war. The government state sanctions genocide as a means to stay in power.

    Afghanistan - For decades the Taliban was able to do what they wanted without any international outcry. They were the most brutal and repressive regime on the planet. Yet if they didn't make the boneheaded mistake of housing OBL and attacking America they would remain in power unmolested!

    Pakistan - Is nearly the equivalent of Afghanistan, except they have nuclear weapons and have a little infrastructure.

    Venezuela - Their government resembles that of East Germany! So repressive that no one can even breath. Despite record oil profits, that country remain one of the poorest in Latin America. They also have the highest crime and murder rate in L.A.!

    The list can go on and on, yet you get the point. The usually suspect will come in and attack Israel on cue and say nothing about the 1000 fold worse things going on around the globe!
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    Hypocrisy is the state of politics today, every day it goes on it makes a corporate police state seem like a sweet fruit, as at least then it would consistent and organized about who it kills. The truth is rather irrelevant, it hasn't stopped anyone from fighting wars or commuting genocide up to now has it, they just have a psychotic hatred of Israel and the west.

    Even if Jews lived in poverty and gave the Arabs all their wealth, processions and land they would only accept nothing but the total extermination of the Jews, and in the end its what the left-wing support group (from Michael Moore to Noam Chomsky) of Hamas/Fatah/Hezbollah really wants, the end of the evil western culture and religion and a new era (of Islamic theocracy, police states, mass murder, genocide and total fear). ;)

    PS: Or you could continue believing the media which claims poverty, crime and all social ills would dissipate one day if we put on turbans, declared ourselves Muslims, or alternatively bowed down as slaves to the state and never thought critically again (which would solve all the problems, mindless animals are more easy to control). Personally I would rather jump off a bridge or burn myself alive in protest like those monks in Tibet than do either of those things.
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