hypocrisy needs nobody ?

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    In the 1960s, Fred Hampton was a leader amongst blacks. He was strong, smart, charismatic, and able to organize on the Chicago streets. He motivated hundreds, even thousands of blacks in and near his neighborhood, to forego violence (amongst themselves), to get up early, stay fit & healthy. He promoted discipline, and education. He was a leader who cared about himself and his people. He was also, according to Wikipedia, pro-Communist Chinese. And although he was able to find common ground with blacks & minorities in Chicago, another "gang war" of sorts erupted, in November 1969 -- whilst Hampton was thousands of miles away in LA -- in a shoot-out between gun-wielding whites (cops) and blacks (black panthers)... and (as always) once human blood spills, one "drive by" leads to another. A month later, Fred Hampton, pro-Communist Chinese during a Cold War, was killed, in a police raid.

    So, if the US can do without pro-Communist sympathizers, during a Cold War, in late 1969; then what about two years later, in early 1972:
    ? Or, if charismatic black leader Malcolm X was bad, for being pro-global-Islam; then what about the Honorable Charles Wilson? Movies were made about both men.

    nobody needed ?

    Sister Mary Rose McGeady's book Are you out there, God? highlights the plight of more than a million homeless children, struggling on the streets, of US cities. Their parents beat them, pimp them (sex trade), and "mule" them (drug trade), to feed the Greeds & Lusts Dominating their hearts (even over love for children!). Now that Fred Hampton is dead, who wants to try to "set the streets straight", in Chicago, NYC, Detroit? Where would anybody in America be, without strong, smart, charismatic, and caring leaders, who risked themselves, for their people... even, admittedly, when those leaders were less-than-perfect?? Or, if Fred Hampton is "really bad" for being pro-Communist, or if Malcolm X is "really bad" for being pro-global-Islam; then who can, without hypocrisy, "pull the first trigger"? Because their may be millions of orphans, abandoned by humanity, for Diabolical Desires; and, nobody seems to have done better for them, since Fred Hampton (his militant Communist proclivities not-with-standing; maybe if he had had a few more years to try to figure things out?).

    Quite commonly, humans seem swift to say, "nah, they don't need those other humans over yonder" -- they're too ugly, and it's too bad, but hey. Then, after a while of saying that they need no humans on earth, they wind up praying for "God in heaven" to care. (Strangely, even "God in heaven" doesn't seem to care much, most of the time, either, even with wishful thinking allowed; more often, "God in heaven" seems Hostile, to humans on earth.) Perhaps humans back down on earth, could save "God in heaven" the "hassle, headache, & heartache" (?), and learn to make do, and get along, with those whom they happen to live amongst, in mature & constructive ways (even if they're ugly). For example, if you have a problem with somebody (like Hampton), then tell it to his face (don't Americans "face their Accusers"?). Let humans down on earth do the talking, not un-self-controlled tempers, Wrath, Pride, or machine guns.
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    Was there a point in there somewhere?

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