Huntsman Proposes New Taxes On Seniors And Veterans

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    Huntsman Proposes New Taxes On Seniors And Veterans To Pay For Tax Cut For The Richest 0.1 Percent

    2012 GOP presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman is releasing an economic plan today that is as bad for the middle-class — and as nutty — as any proposed by his rivals. It would pay for a half-million-dollar tax break for the richest 0.1 percent of Americans with tax increases on the middle-class and new taxes on seniors, veterans, and poor families.


    Huntsman either hasn’t thought through — or doesn’t want people to know — what eliminating all tax expenditures would actually mean. So let’s take a look at the official tax expenditure list and see what would happen if we got rid of all of them:

    – All Social Security benefits would become taxable. Senior citizens that currently receive the average Social Security benefit as their primary income source (as is the case for most seniors) currently pay no income taxes on those benefits, but would under Huntsman’s plan.

    – Many middle-class parents would lose child tax credits and tax benefits for education and child care that are more valuable to them than a tax rate cut.

    – Huntsman’s tax plan would also eliminate the employer health insurance exclusion, which helps enable some 160 million Americans get coverage through their jobs.

    – One of the most successful pro-work, anti-poverty initiatives, the Earned Income Tax Credit, would be abolished.

    – Veterans pensions and disability benefits would become subject to tax, as would all military combat pay, military housing allowances and meals, workers compensation payments, public assistance benefits, and state foster care payments.

    This is just a partial list of the harsh and/or bizarre consequences that would occur if all tax expenditures were eliminated to fund a huge giveaway to the very rich.

    According to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center, on the whole, middle-class families would be forced to pay $1,890 in higher taxes under the no-tax expenditure plan compared to what they pay now. The richest one percent, meanwhile, would get an average tax cut of more than $7,000, because they benefit the most from the lower rates.​

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    Well, tax cuts for the rich, er, I mean the "job creators" is how we create jobs so why not? Look how well the Bush tax cuts for the rich created so many jobs. OK, maybe a bad example but surely it must work, right? They wouldn't be trying to fatten their bottom lines at the expenxe of the rest of us, would they? Greed could not be any part of their motivation, could it?
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    Don't forget Senator Coburn who wants to slash medical aid to retired veterans. I can't wait to see how the Republican base justifies supporting harming the veterans, a group they insist only they support.

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