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    The UN: Bringing Lingonberries to a Needy World
    Iowahawk Special Commentary
    by Ůmläut Ťïldëqvist
    United Nations Co-Underemissary For International Aid Coordination, Assessment, and Assessment Coordination

    In my native village of Fnærkjbørgěn, there is a beautiful old saying: "Lars dus kronchke issegløğg svtarkæn; bürngva ø ikea vnøongve lingenbjěrgnø ü läkramø møertäwiffe." In translation, this is to say: "Lars has been crushed by the glacier; prepare a gift of lingonberries for his lamenting widow."

    In this selfish world which so often seems dominated by various stingy undertaxed global military hyperpowers, I am proud to say that the United Nations still adheres to the simple, elegant wisdom of my snowy Fnærkjbørgěner townfolk: where ever and whenever tragedy strikes, the world can count on the UN to bring the lingonberries of hope.

    Nowhere is this more evident than in tsunami-ravaged South Asia. Today, less than three weeks after global warming triggered the fearsome ocean waves that devastated the region, the needy victims are experiencing another tsunami. This time time, however, it is a happy tsnunami! The life-saving tsunami of United Nations coordination and assessment.

    Working in conjunction with important non-government organizations, the United Nations sprang to action early. A high-level, 2000-member cross-functional rapid action force was dispatched to the affected region, as soon as UN travel staff could locate available airline seat upgrades. Upon arrival in South Asia, the action teams were soon busily hailing cabs and jitneys in order to quickly deploy to strategically-located hotels and resorts. After a quick nap, a brisk dip in the pool, and light lunch, the UN action teams were soon en route to areas near affected areas to begin the hard work of leading, coordinating, and assessing. Later, some local cabaret.

    The impact of these efforts has been significant, and the UN teams have made many important progress reports to the UN Relief Council's coordinating leadership subcommittee. Their work is ongoing, but I am delighted to report they have achieved several milestone objectives. Highlights include:

    Under the leadership aegis of UNSNoRF Undersecretary Ralfke Bjarnerubbel, the executive steering committee has voted on a draft resolution to create coordination protocols between interagency observers.

    UNKGooBR and UNsNOT task force staff have organized response evaluation schemas for situational aid coordination, and assessed hotel minibar inventories.

    Room upgrades have been requested.

    The Ad Hoc Cultural Affairs subcommittee - comprised of UNLURm, UNCHiPs, UNeCCo, UNCOLA, and UNFuN - have produced a detailed proposal to produce judging guidelines for UN Tsunami Idol, a proposed regional Cultural Arts Festival.

    UNCLoDZ Deputy Secretary Manjiz al-Khaline has coordinated with various Indonesian NGOs to formulate plans to monitor, report, and counteract possible invasion by colonialist Zionist forces.

    Committee of the Whole has issued unanimous advisory warnings to illegally parked U.S. and Australian aircraft carriers, hospital ships, and helicopters.

    An impressive list of accomplishments to be sure; yet, there is much work to do. Despite the many successes of our teams, I am sad to report that the region still faces many dangerous shortages. In particular, UN staff have indicated that there are immediate critical needs for Toyota Land Cruisers, Kaluha, and sun block. In addition, UNPoRm liaison Jurgen Bergengnergen has also requested emergency cash aid to distribute to local needy doe-eyed youth, along with reproductive health materials.

    It will take many such 'lingonberries' for the UN to complete its important mission. Unfortunately there are many unscrupulous organizations who seek to supplant the United Nations' important efforts in the region, and have even actively ignored UN coordination directives. It is important that international citizens do not support these rogue forces. In addition to the governments of the United States and Australia, this list includes:

    The American Red Cross
    World Vision USA
    Catholic Relief Services
    The Australian Red Cross
    World Vision Australia

    Above all, please do not visit unapproved rogue sites, such as Arthur Chrenkoff and Diplomad, and do not learn more about other rogue non-UN-coordinated charity organizations.

    In conclusion, I will leave you with the story of little Pramablap, an indigenous urchin boy who approached the UN action team during late afternoon cocktails.

    "Thank you, thank you, mister helping UN-sans!" he remarked. "Without your assessment and coordination activities, we will surely be be at the mercy of uncoordinated violent colonialist Yankee-san GIs!"

    Do you want Pramablap beaten? I did not think so.

    To Pramablap and other needy children, I would like to reassure you with another old saying from my village of Fnærkjbørgěn: Dürs ø kronchketimmen, gæ UN issět bløğb behindæn -- if there is a disaster, the UN is surely around.
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