Hu Jintao, "Kim, You Can't Even Feed 20 Million People?"

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    A while ago, Wikileaks disclosed US diplomatic cables.
    There were many interesting topics that were covered by these documents, but one criticizing North Korea caught my attention.

    According to Wikileaks, it seems like China is not so friendly towards North Korea after all.
    China called North Korea a "crying baby trying to get US' attention" and last August, Chinese prime minister Hu Jintao rebuked Kim Jong-il, saying "1.3 billion Chinese people aren't starving but you can't even feed 20 million". Along with this remark, Hu refused North Korea's request of new airplane fighters, a 30 billion dollar economic deal, and an annual supply of 500 thousand tons of rice and 1 million tons of crude oil.
    I can't imagine how frustrated China must have been to criticize its closest ally so badly.
    However, Kim Jong-il and Kim Jong-un are still not getting their acts together and threatening to attack South Korea again before the New Year's.
    They're probably trying to rip off South Korea again with these empty threats.
    It's not even funny...
    But such threats are useless nowadays.
    North Korea should catch on to this quickly or they'll starve to death soon.

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