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Discussion in 'Politics' started by Danaelle, Dec 11, 2010.

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    Psh! What a joke! I watched him tell Chris Matthews that the two reasons Americans dont like the tax deal are
    1) we dont like the rich getting more money and we are mad and want to take it away from them

    2) That we are afraid that somehow the republicans are going to use it to take back over congress. Video Player

    Hey numbnuts! Try this one on for size:

    How about the majority of us dont like it because it wasnt paid for and passing it is going to put us into 856 billion dollars worth of debt to other countries, including China!

    How about the fact that when Obama was campaigning he used the "getting rid of the Bush tax cuts" as a way to pay for a lot of the health care stuff and help him to create more jobs and get us on the right track with renewable energy?

    How about if we do this tax deal it is going to screw up every single number, budget line, statistic, that he showed us on his website when he was running for president?

    How about this deal is going to screw up his entire frickin plan?

    Has that even entered the mind of the president or or any of the so called expert pundits out there?

    Good grief... I say let em all expire and use the damn money to put this place back together you dipshit!
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