How unions need to evolve to save the U.S. economy

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    How unions neede to evolve to save the U.S Ecomony....

    First Business and unions need to get a divorce. Business should hire unions and not individuals, this means that workers work for themselves and not companies. If a company has a problem with an employee they would report them to the union and the union would handle the complaint. Not much change.

    This would also mean that business would no longer carry insurance on their union employees, because it would then be up to the union to carry the insurance. Unions would then negotiate for more money to offset the costs. Workers would then be given the choice of being independant or working for the union.

    The biggest sticking point would be getting the companies to turn over all control of their pension plans and money in the pensions to the unions. What this would do is, forever keep businesses from ever having to be involved with pensions again. Unions would then be responsible for the pensions, again putting the workers in charge of their own future.

    From a business point of view, their costs have just been stream lined and they can now eliminate a myrad of obsolete positions saving them millions of dollars. All they have to worry about now is the bottom line. i.e. we spent a million dollars on labor this year and have a five year contract with the union at a million a year.

    From a union point of view, they now have total control of their benefit packages. If they feel insurance rates were unjustly raised then they can now make that determination for themselves and set the co-pays as they see fit, same with pensions and contributions. If a union wants to pay their employees to sit in a room and do nothing, that is up to them, and a business is not paying for it.

    From a workers point of view, they can be independant and make more money now, or they can join the union for benefits. The choice is theirs.

    Governments, and the tax payers would save millions under the new union system.

    These are some ideas I think would work, I'm looking for input and suggestions on this new system. Let me know what you think.

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