How To Donate "Goods" To Sandy Victims

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    It's easy and will save your group from much frustration.

    First of all, align yourself with an organization that operates nationally - or at least has branches in the affected areas. This could be a school group, "sister-city" groups, civic groups, churches, scouting groups, and so on.

    For example, a First Methodist church in your hometown can easily connect with the First Methodist ministers in the areas that need help, and can send your trucks to the specific church most in need. That pastor can get the permits while your truck is on its way.

    Completely sort and inventory food before it goes on the truck. You'll have an easier time of it where you are than the aid group working in the cold and dark. Do likewise with all non-food items.

    CLOTHING: Be certain that ALL clothes are WASHED. Do not donate worn or weather-inappropriate items. Clothing should be in like-new condition. Label for gender and size. Sort and inventory. Underwear should be new only.

    Toys - Only donate new toys. Stuffed animals are a win for the little ones, cars for older boys, Barbies for girls, everyone likes Legos and Duplos.

    Blankets - New only, please, wash them, sort by size, inventory.

    I put inventory everywhere because it really helps the distribution point to know exactly how many packs of newborn diapers or boxes of powdered milk or ladies size 8 sweatshirts they have to divide among the victims.
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