How the situation with Iran may reflect on Georgia

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    Recently, many European media wrote that the UK, U.S. and Israel are preparing plans for the missile attacks on Iranian nuclear facilities. Similar reports came after the IAEA report, which states that Tehran is actively pursuing its uranium enrichment activities and, consequently, is developing nuclear weapons.

    The UK Ministry of Defense has established a special group for developing a plan of military operations in Iran. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has recently proved the existence of a similar plan in Israel.
    Of course, such an aggression against Iran will affect the region, many states of which are the USA allies. For example, Georgia can support the U.S.
    International experts think that the territory of Georgia may become a battlefield in that war.

    An indirect confirmation of this fact is the increased military-technical cooperation between Tbilisi and Washington, constant visits of senior representatives from the Pentagon to Georgia, the participation of the U.S. in reconstruction of military facilities in Georgia and regular joint military exercises.
    For example, a large resonance in the Georgian media got the story about the construction of the U.S. biological lab near Tbilisi, which has already started research in developing biological weapons.

    The U.S. also finances the reconstruction of the runways at Tbilisi and Vaziani airfields.
    Obviously, in case of war Georgia would become a transit point for U.S. military forces close to the border with Iran. Batumi and Poti seaports are perfect for the delivery of military supplies and troops. Senaki, Marneuli, and Telavi air bases will be used to refuel aircrafts and military equipment. In addition, after the 2008 war the U.S. have supplied Georgia an impressive arsenal of NATO standards weapons which would be enough to equip two Georgian armies.
    For example, there’s a warehouse of powerful American air bombs located in Gori, which can be used to destroy bunkers with Iranian centrifuges.

    And it is still a big question whether the participation of Tbilisi in a possible war against Iran will be limited with the provision of the territory, material and technical base only or not. The constant increase of Georgia's military contingent in Afghanistan provides a hint of suspicion on Georgian leadership's intention to train their soldiers in the war against the Muslims in hot climate.

    However, the realization of such a scenario contains a lot of "gotchas." We shouldn’t forget that there’s a number of ethnic minorities who practice Islam in Georgia. And it’s not only ethnic Azeris, but also the Meskhetian Turks, Chechens Kistin, Avars, and even Adzharians converted to Islam. We can confidently say that they will not support the country's participation in the war against Muslims. The unrest on the religious and ethnic grounds may ultimately destroy the Georgian statehood.
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    That media is located in countries who obviously won't write, that the US is going to hand S.Iraq over to Iran in about a month.
    They're so confident about themselves and still think, that they're in a position of strength. It's a self-perception problem and closing the eyes over what is really happening... "We'll bomb and sanction Iran" for 30 years now.
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    Why does the US need bases in Georgia for taking out bunkers?

    We can use space based kinetic weapons that I am sure have been placed in orbit by the military.


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