How Public Sector Preservative Stimulus Gummed Up The Recovery!

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    So Suppose you were having a Stimulus Program, that required creation of jobs. Would It make better sense to put two people to work for $60,000.00, or one person to work for $40,000.00?

    Anyone can likely guess which option was chosen! The one that was more cost-efficient, (with the smaller price tag)!

    Private vs. Public Sector Pay -

    One thing that anyone knows about state and local government bureaucrats, first responders, teachers and librarians and public hopital workers and so on: They don't like anybody in America!

    They make a third more, and The Obama Elite, of Ivy League credentials, managed to create an Aristocratic Entitlement for them: To their jobs. No others were so richly engaged.

    GOP was not outraged. Tea Party was not outraged. Labor in total was not outraged. Press Corp was not outraged. Clergy were not outraged. Commentators and Commedians were not outraged. The Clintons were not outraged. The Black Caucus was not outraged. The Hispanics were busy, and kind of on the run.

    The teachers especially, were trying to kill everyone off! Math is not allowed to be presented in the classrooms, going on 35 years: Especially when it comes to who gets paid what, and how that gets computed.

    Now suppose that the private and public payrolls were raised the same Percentage?

    Especially the Tax Court would start levying the fines for the Frivolous Lawsuits. It is on their permanent record: Which they did not exactly spell out, when they did it. So it is in the transcripts. . . .which are probably sealed!

    America is an Open Society(?)!

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Smoke make better record in sky. Smoke make Permanent what White Eyes conceal. . . .Except when Great Half-Wit Father in Washington, sends in drones, troops, and even some ammunition and . . . stuff. . . to relieve the combat stress! And then after Oakland, It is on to Afghanistan, and then there is Pakistan. . . .And then. . .Yeehaww! White Eyes say, "practice of law!")
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