How one can identify that my work is sinful & shameful

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    How one can identify that my work is sinful & shameful
    I want to share with all MUSLIMS followers no matters belong to any sect.

    If any brother or sister do any job in privacy but can’t do in the presence of some due to feel shy or afraid or fear might be lost own reputation than understand he is doing a shameful sin work.

    More interesting to share our youth generation spend majority of time in net or outing or Gupshup with friends. When asked to offer Namaz on timing or revise yours today studies than replied to parents I am tried or I can’t do because lack of time.

    Parents are not taking serious notice when their kids are out of home where they spend times. If goes to cyber café than what type of web site they access. If he got net in own home than why not uses net in the presence of their family or prefer to use in private room. Please check and try to control you kids before too late.

    Any one yet realized than they are doing wrong and sinful things than promise not to do again than God will remove all their sins and perhaps convert into Naki ( rewards ). But remember not to do such evil works again when going to God for excuse and mercy.

    Thanking You.

    Yours faithfully

    ( Ashfaq Sharif )

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