How Many Times Can We Be Snookered?

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    The More North Korea Changes...
    By Paul Greenberg, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
    January 13, 2008

    North Korea's petty but dangerous tyrant has gladly accepted all the aid he was promised in return for forgoing atomic weapons. But somehow he's never gotten around to forgoing them.

    As the old year ended, the familiar pattern was being repeated. In the most predictable story of 2007, North Korea once again reneged on its pledge not to go nuclear. This time even the State Department had to halfway admit it has been snookered again, along with the other five countries that have been negotiating Pyongyang's long-promised, never-delivered nuclear disarmament.

    To quote the State Department's entirely too diplomatic statement on this familiar occasion: "It is unfortunate that North Korea has not yet met its commitments by providing a complete and correct declaration of its nuclear programs and slowing down the process of (nuclear) disablement."

    Unfortunate? It's downright dangerous, though perhaps not as dangerous as the permanent bureaucracy at the Department of State, which keeps finding excuses to accept North Korea's worthless promises - and keeps issuing tactful statements like this one when the latest deadline is ignored.

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