How is Obama good for science?

Discussion in 'Environment' started by ScienceRocks, Jul 28, 2012.

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    The Good insane United states of America
    He has cut at least a billion dollars out of the nasa budget
    He wants to cut the noaa, nws

    While funding more global warming research. I'm not against studying the earth's climate, but where is all these trillions going? Bush was spending us into a deficit at 500 billion per year, but Obama is now doing better than 1.5 billion/year. None of this nearly trillion dollars have gone to improve our sciences or technology edge? :eusa_silenced:

    There's no question that we can afford it and if we're going to spend it why not on our own nation? WTF is it going? Down a rat hole. :eusa_shifty:

    No my friends Obama has been worse than Bush on SCIENCE.

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