How illuminati delete the TRUTH from angelic YOUTUBE exposed - 3 ** basic tactics **

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    Last Prophet Matt Marriott exposes the new "energy saving bulbs" (now already mandatory in parts of Illuminatziland) as one of the KEY weapons (1) of the ongoing upscaled global genocide agenda for the period 2008-2012.

    Poster yasic replies: (1)
    My job in life is a contractor for, as you put it, 'energy "saving" lamps.' Could you explain what issues you have with them?

    Last Prophet: For a start:
    1. The frequencies given off inhibits melatonin production in the brain
    2. The UV given off can cause reactive skin conditions
    3 They are far more dangerous to Human health than any normal bulb.

    Poster yasic replies: The site you linked does not say anything about any dangers of fluorescent lighting fixtures.

    Last Prophet: It has been censored, as you can see from how the URL's name, _dangers-energy-saving-bulbs_.html, that is now redirected.
    Best proof is this youtube video censored by the illuminati:

    Time to remember ...

    How illuminati delete the TRUTH from angelic YOUTUBE exposed - 3 ** basic tactics **

    1. Eliminate the person who created the youtube account, after forcing the person to reveal the password
    Tthe illuminati might close the account or purge it. In this case they might go as far as after the purge to continue to upload videos to the same account, the new videos of course with disinformation on the same subjects as the real owner did.
    Note that angelic Google has YouTube keep record of what the title was, as evidence of the crime.

    2. Force YouTube to remove the video using the "copyright" argument. This is used for anything broadcasted in their media that must be later censored.
    Example: the first video evidence that were no planes on 911, from a report in Shanksville. (2)

    3. Buy, fine or blackmail the owner of the YouTube account.
    Example: videos of 911 eyewitness showing the second WTC explosion, proving there was NO plane. (3)

    First or Third Tyoe?
    Some of the closed accounts belong to the first type, others to the third type.
    Example of uttermost importance:
    Energy Efficient Light Bulbs Are Killing Us!

    What type does it belong to?
    In this case we can not know for sure.
    If it belongs to the first type then the last part of the title of the video literally tells what this first tactic is all about.

    (1) ** OCTOBER 2008 SURPRISE ** minor and ** MAJOR ** change in 2012 illuminati script

    (2) Shanksville sink hole not dark at all - See video link at:

    (3) 911 Eyewitnesses - praticability of having CNN bosses telling us they saw "planes" while eliminating testimonies and real footage of real eyewitnesses
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