How deep pocketed super PACS became shadow campaigns

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    So far, independent expenditure committees have spent more than $38 million on the Republican candidates, which is three times more than the 2008 candidates spent themselves over the entire 2008 primary season. Advertising by the actual candidates is down by 40 percent this cycle, but thanks to an astronomical 1,600 percent increase in spending by outside groups there are more campaign-oriented spots on TV and radio than there were four years ago. When you see or hear a campaign ad this year, the odds are nearly 50-50 that it's the handiwork of a super PAC. A telling example: The pro-Romney Restore Our Future super PAC fueled his pre-primary surge in Florida with a bombardment of 12,768 television commercials in the state, compared to just 210 by Gingrich.

    How deep-pocketed super PACS became 'shadow campaigns' - The Week

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