How Clinton's Chinese donations caused the Gorelick Memo which prevented..

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    "C.I.A. officials of deliberately withholding crucial documents and photographs of Qaeda operatives from the F.B.I."

    Known as the Gorelick Memo...
    "As Deputy Attorney General under Bill Clinton from 1994 to 1997 Jamie Gorelick wrote the memo that created the now infamous “Gorelick Wall.” A 1995 memo she wrote, stated explicitly that they would “go beyond what is legally required, [to] prevent any risk of creating an unwarranted appearance that FISA is being used to avoid procedural safeguards which would apply in a criminal investigation.”

    These rules were, shortly after their creation, expanded to regulate such communications in future counter-terrorism investigations.
    It set a procedure where various intelligence operations could not share information with each other.

    Jamie Gorelick’s wall barred anti-terror investigators from accessing the computer of Zacarias Moussaoui, the 20th hijacker, already in custody on an immigration violation shortly before 9/11.

    At the time, an enraged FBI investigator wrote a prophetic memo to headquarters about the wall
    ‘Whatever has happened to this — someday someone will die — and wall or not — the public will not understand why we were not more effective in throwing every resource we had at certain problems…..especially since the biggest threat to us UBL [Usama bin Laden], is getting the most protection.
    Breitbart News: Big Government

    Here is what Richard A. Clark, former counter-terrorism advisor for both the Clinton and Bush Administrations, testified to in prepared remarks before the Sept. 11 Commission on March 24, 2004:
    “In retrospect, we know that there was information available to some in the FBI and CIA that al Qida [sic] operatives had entered the United States.
    That information was not shared with the senior FBI counter-terrorism official (Dale Watson) or with me, despite the heightened state of concern in the Counter-terrorism Security Group.”

    NOW WHY did the Gorelick Memo and subsequent WALL come into being???

    It should be noted that when Gorelick penned the aforementioned memo, President Clinton was extremely worried about ongoing FBI and CIA investigations into illegal Chinese contributions that had been made to his presidential campaign. Both the FBI and the CIA were churning up evidence damaging to the Democratic Party, its fundraisers, the Chinese, and ultimately the Clinton administration itself."]

    9/11 would not have occurred!

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