Housing and it's affect on the economy....?

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    :cuckoo: Questions, why is the housing industry so tied into our economy as some sort of marker being spoken of frequently by the news media these days ? I mean here is an industry that refused to roll with the economic status of the individual in America, as to be found within it's building plans for the future and it's obvious indicators coming, where as it could have met the needs of the consumer and their budgets better, instead of refusing or ignoring this very important fact where by they just kept rolling the dice. They wildly wouldnot adjust to the individual and their affordability issues in America, and instead kept buidling in a trend fashion to keep going upward and upward and upward as it all went.

    Instead of building in an affordability fashion, they chose the ignore what was coming for greed purposes maybe ???? Otherwise when setting out to build within an economy that says to them what is safe to do, and what is not safe to do, they chose what was not safe to do. Why did they do this, because they were recieving information from whom ????

    For a while I noticed, that even though the economy was saying one thing to these builders, the builders were still thinking another thing, and were staying the course to build these upward lavish homes, yet for whom ?????????????????????????????????????????????????

    And didn't you just love the signs when ride by them, that advertised these homes in these subdivisions that say " Homes starting in the low $150,000 range", and on upward ranges from there, and did you see what $150,000 dollars was getting you these days (a cubby hole to live in) ????????????????????

    Who were these people that could easily afford these prices in a coming busted economy ????????????????? If anything the builders should have known about this economy crash coming, but they didnot adjust to the smaller more affordable structures in order to ward off the inevitable ???? Why ????

    Why couldn't the builders roll with the flow of the economic markers that were all over the place (hec I am no builder, but even I saw it all coming from 10 miles off)??? Otherwise why did they ignore markers that would tell them, hey we can't continue to build these upper middle class and richy style homes anylonger (big subdivisions) that are in these rediculous price ranges, as the middle is being hit hard and will not be able to afford these homes anylonger, nor will the banks be lending on these types of homes anylonger, so we must adjust and begin quickly to build homes that the people will be able to afford. Yes we must build homes now that will fall in line with what the government is willing to help with also (within reason) or the banks will be able to lend on (within reason), in order to still help people to buy a home, if that is what they are willing and wanting to do, and also to mainly help the banks feel more comfortable about lending money on a home, that is more affordable and caters to the individuals ability to stay in the home and pay for it.

    I mean within a family budget, people have to always adjust and roll either within and without it all depending, yet pertaining to the situations that fall within their budgets, where as they begin to spend or not spend all depending on the economic markers looked at in their lives or is coming in their lives, and also working within the value of their dollars in which dictates their wants and needs big time, and also their affordabilty within those wants and needs, but why did the ones who are really suppose to know, just go stupid on us all, thus creating false markers by their actions, in which was telling us that everything was just hunkydorrey and peaches and cream in life ????

    It all links back to greed and the short term markers/indicators of greed, that create the get in and get out quick mentality, instead of the smarter long term more stable builder and thinker, who is in it for his or her future, his or her families future, and America's future as a whole, where by these builders plans are subject to change in a hurry, in order to market their products according to what people can afford at any given time within our economy and society, in which makes for smart business and smart practices on their part. :eusa_angel:
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