House to Obama, "We'll Take it from here"

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    In his amazing press conference, Obama reaffirmed that indeed Social Security is bankrupt, the biggest bankrupt in human history and holds no assets that can be sold to pay pensioners.

    "President Barack Obama demanded on Monday that lawmakers raise the nation's $16.4 trillion federal debt limit quickly, warning that "Social Security benefits and veterans' checks will be delayed"

    Again, if Social Security had bonds to sell to the public, they would. But since the only buyer for those bonds is the US Government, the fund is broke.

    But instead of addressing the issue, the Moderates in the House fucked it up royally.

    The correct response would have been, "Since The Abdicator in Chief won't discuss the budget like any normal adult would, we are passing Cut, Cap and Balance as the law of the Land. We cannot continue to allow Obama to threaten our Seniors with destitution and starvation because he's a little boy in a man's job"

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