House of Ho Ho Ho's

Discussion in 'Politics' started by mdjgirl7, Dec 23, 2009.

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    Well aren't we all so happy Nelson was the last hold out for that last vote. Don't you feel like they were playing musical chairs who every got the last seat got a bribe and a hoooge bribe at that.

    Let me see Nelson was totally against federally funded abortions until they waved some money under his nose. What a snake I could have respected him more if he had just been up front and said "I can be bought" know what I mean?

    What we have in our government is a bunch of cheap ho ho ho's. They have no values or morales it is who can stick their hand the deepest into the tax money kitty. Why can't they view us as a nation we all live here. Why should one state be allowed more privileges then the rest of us?

    Somebody called it a compromise really is that what we call bribes now? I suggest everyone visit GOOOH | Get Out of Our House: A non-partisan political party!. I say we start all over in 2010 and give them all the boot they are a pack of thieves and liars. They are going to collapse this country.

    Obama wants to force everyone to buy health insurance. Whatever does he really think he can inforce that? How many people are driving around with no car insurance? Are they going to run health insurance like social security God forbid.

    One more thing is everyone aware if they enact this bill it will not be in effect for four more years? They plan to set aside tax dollars to fund it. Sooo they think they can save money for something hmmm here we are at social security again. That did not work out the saving part I mean. Did they all take that Ramsey course on how to live debt free?

    Why don't we try something simple like deregulate insurance companies so they can sell across state lines. Let's see how that works. Oh wait they would not need bribes for that.

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