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    Guy walks into the barn to see the horse, meets the owner, and old Italian fella.
    The old Italian says, this horse ah-nolooka so good, the buyer likes the horses look and asks how much. The Italian guy says ah 500drid dollar. The buyer guys say okay and pays him.
    The next day the buyer stops by the barn to pickup the horse. He has his saddle and reins with him and tell the Italian guy I'm going to take him on the trail before I trailer him home. The old Italian fella says okay buta be careful that horse ah nolooka so good.
    The buyer saddles the horse and takes off trotting.. the horse hits a tree, walks off the trail hits another tree. By the time the buyer gets back to the barn he's all black and blue and the horse is all scratched up. He says to the old Italian this horse is blind. The Italian guys says, I tolda you.. The horse ah nolooka so good. :lol:

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