Hope & Change Update: State Dept buys $70,000 worth of Papa Obama's books

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    State Department buys $70,000 worth of Obama books

    The State Department has bought more than $70,000 worth of books authored by President Obama, sending out copies as Christmas gratuities and stocking “key libraries” around the world with “Dreams from My Father” more than a decade after its release.

    The U.S. Embassy in Egypt, for instance, spent $28,636 in August 2009 for copies of Mr. Obama’s best-selling 1995 memoir. Six weeks earlier, the embassy had placed another order for the same book for more than $9,000, federal purchasing records show.

    About the same time, halfway around the world, the U.S. Embassy in South Korea had the same idea and spent more than $6,000 for copies of “Dreams from My Father.”
    A review of the expenditures in a federal database did not reveal any examples of State Department purchases of books by former Presidents George W. Bush or Bill Clinton. The purchases of Mr. Obama’s literary work mostly, but not always, took place in the months after Mr. Obama captured the White House.

    Leslie Paige, a spokeswoman for Citizens Against Government Waste, a watchdog group, said if the federal government is looking to cut costs, eliminating purchases of Mr. Obama’s books is a good place to start.

    “It’s inappropriate for U.S. taxpayer dollars to be spent on this,” she said. “This sounds like propaganda.”

    Just as a side note these were some of the same books that were deemed too radical
    and banned from US prisons


    Even though he had the Critical Death Row inmate vote, Papa Obama's books are banned from the US government's most secure prison for being 'potentially detrimental to national security.'

    It is most disturbing news I must report today. The remaining elements of the White Army have managed to pull an offensive against our Most Great Leader Papa Obama. Playing upon the fears of the Bourgeoisie, these so called leaders of the movement against our Most Great Leader have managed to ban the greatest works of all time from our prisons.
    How cruel these people are to deny from the lowest class in our repressive capital system, the lumpenproletariat, the beauty and joy of reading our Most Great Leader's work.

    The AP reported:
    • The federal government's most secure prison has determined that two books written by President Barack Obama contain material "potentially detrimental to national security" and rejected an inmate's request to read them.
    • Ahmed Omar Abu Ali is serving a 30-year sentence at the federal supermax prison in Florence, Colorado, for joining al-Qaida and plotting to assassinate then-President George W. Bush. Last year, Abu Ali requested two books written by Obama: "Dreams from My Father" and "The Audacity of Hope."
    • But prison officials, citing guidance from the FBI, determined that passages in both books contain information that could damage national security.
    • A prison spokeswoman referred questions to the FBI, where a spokeswoman was looking into the matter Thursday evening.
    • The documents detailing the prison's rejection of Obama's books are included in court papers for a resentencing hearing scheduled later this month for Abu Ali, a U.S. citizen.
    • The rejection is just one indication of the harsh conditions imposed on inmates at the supermax prison, according to Abu Ali's lawyer, Joshua Dratel...
    • Prison officials cite specific pages - but not specific passages - in the books that they deem objectionable. They include one page in Obama's 1995 book, "Dreams from My Father," and 22 separate pages in his policy-oriented 2006 book, "The Audacity of Hope." It was not immediately obvious what passages might have been deemed problematic, though nearly half of the pages cited are in a chapter devoted to foreign affairs.
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