Honour killings

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    Nearly all Muslims will tell you that so-called "honour killings," where a woman is punished for a perceived crime of honour against her family, are against the teachings of Islam (and rightly so). That hasn't prevented the high profile crimes from taking place across the Muslim world. Now the phenomenon has come to Britain. Last week two brothers were jailed for life for bursting in on their cousin's wedding (to a... gasp... divorcee), stabbing the bride 22 times. A few weeks earlier, a Muslim businessman killed the Christian groom of his daughter after luring him to his factory. And that followed a Kurdish immigrant's slitting of his daughter's throat for going out with the wrong guy ("Hey, for an older man you have a good strong punch and kick. Well done," read a note from the daughter). British police have increased scrutiny for past crimes, trying to balance the victims rights with cultural sensitivity (although even in Pakistan, the cultural sensitivity is debunked. Police estimate around 12 such killings last year, including some victims who were taken out of the country first. Still, the onus is resting on British Muslims, who have to find a way to influence those within their ranks who may engage in the practise.


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