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    Industry leaders have asked that the local college demand essays in every computer related class. The level of writing in the computer field seems to appall them.

    My latest computer homework
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    Warning! What follows is free advice and should be valued accordingly.

    Given your target audience of "Industry leaders" this is an excellent subject. In the past, complete technical schools such as Drexel University and Rochester Institute of Technology, to mention just a couple, were actually started by business owners in need of a properly educated workforce. Due to our appalling public school system the quality of graduating students, overall, has regressed, but, I digress.

    I am not sure of your present level of education but I do hope you take this criticism in the helpful spirit it is given.

    In the future, if you can, take a writing course (I, obviously, did not). This is important because the objective of your work product determines both the style and structure of the final text. The final report of an engineering firm will look and read much differently then, say, that of a journalist's work reporting on the same subject. As an example, if this particular report is to be read by leaders of high tech companies you are trying to impress, you might construct the text as a lobbying effort to be consumed by federal legislators in that industry's attempt to sway those lawmakers to grant increased numbers of H1-B visas that favored those potential employees. Accordingly, you would probably not include certain figures that go against your argument, unless, of course, you put forward a countervailing argument. If this is to be a general effort for such an audience, refine the article by stating, with such an introduction, exactly what the purpose pf the article is. This clarification will allow you to narrow your article's scope (thereby making your work easier) while permitting the target audience, which may be looking for a focus in an other area, to view your overall talents and potential.

    The pointers (URLs in this case) are good but should be used sparingly and positioned correctly. Sometimes it is best to incorporate a small and germane quote from the text you are citing immediately after making your point in your text.

    Example, you write: "So it is now obvious that [your point stated]. In fact [the guy you are quoting] informs us: ['his quote that backs up your point']."

    This will make the text more fluent and readable and it gives the impression that the expert you are quoting is standing right behind you in agreement.

    Every good author or professional writer has an editor. Simply put, two heads are better than one. If you have somebody like a Journalism major or English major that is willing to sit down and polish the text with you the result will be a better product. Make sure you process the text with a spell/grammar checker and be prepared to rework the text over and over if you have the time...make the time via forethought. Even having an untrained friend or relative read the text can give insights and suggestions that improve the work. Decide whether your text is better served by footnoting your references or embedding them directly in the text.

    Overall the text is good, its just a matter of polishing the copy and tailoring it to your targeted reader.:cool:


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