Homeland might spark the next muslim outrage

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    The wife of the manchurian candidate threw a koran on the floor.
    It's Citizen Carrie in 'Homeland' season premiere – The Marquee Blog - CNN.com Blogs

    At the Brody house, life isn’t exactly a piping hot mug of Yorkshire Gold tea. Earlier, Dana accidentally blurted out that her dad was a Muslim during a fight with a classmate. When Jessica angrily asks Dana why she’d do such a thing, Brody admits that he is, in fact, Muslim. A mortified Jessica slams Brody’s Quran on the garage floor in a fit of rage. Brody later buries the holy book out of respect because, according to his faith, Jessica desecrated it by throwing it on the floor. The episode comes to a close as Dana helps Brody bury the Quran.

    This has got to be good for a few more riots. It's not like muslims respect free speech or artistic expression.

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