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    Does new age urbanization remind you of Dickens or Orwell?



    As the world of commerce grew in modern times, the new millennium, not every city prospered, and various cities including Moscow struggled socioeconomically as they tried to compete with capitalism-powerhouse cities such as New York and Paris. Moscow had developed various underworld crime-gangs including the nefarious Black Mask whose leaders ordered its members to carry hatchets to fight with police. An American tourist was hauled off by a pedestrian one snowy night after a minion of Black Mask beheaded both him and a Russian policeman in Moscow. It felt like Purgatory. Where was the 'promise' of post-USSR global capitalism?


    A vigilant but very troubled Catholic nun named Ellen living in NYC read the headlines of all these bizarre crimes, and after 9/11, she decided that capitalism-security forces (e.g., NATO, Security Council) did not offer promising/lasting stability. She decided to pray to both God and the Devil one night and ask for a 'Savior' first-born son who would redeem this modern world of 'eerie and lingering' but 'silent' evil. God and Satan decided to heed her prayers, and she took to her bed a Russian policeman and begat a son one year later whom she named Damien. She sent Damien to Moscow to be educated and grow to become some kind of new age 'urban Messiah.' Would this nun's very strange prayers be answered?


    Ellen had prayed to God and Satan that night to request this 'urban savior' and was given the 'blessing-firstborn' Damien. In fact, Ellen had used a 'voodoo' Ouija board to make her prayers and felt the hand of God and the voice of the Devil begin listening to her 'yearnings.' Ellen was given Damien as a 'gift' and she kept the Ouija board she used to remind her that even the strangest of prayers are heeded in times of very unusual 'intrigue' or turbulence/turmoil. Ellen decided her Ouija board served as some kind of 'tabernacle' with the forces of life itself and therefore 'forgave' herself for her desperate act.


    Damien was proud and very meditative. He was physically weak at times growing up in Moscow but when he exhibited courage, it was both unusual and provocative, and no one, including bullies at school or ruffians on the street would stand in his authoritative path. Damien believed he was indeed this 'urban savior' his dear mother Ellen prayed for, and he kept close private communion with both God and the Devil. Damien referred to the Devil as the 'messenger of the underworld' but both God and Devil explained to Damien that he himself was the 'prince of darkness' born on Earth to somehow 'rally' the people against this new age 'deranged scourge' that troubled his mother Ellen (who was now living as a cloistered nun in America somewhere). Damien decided he would become some kind of vigilante but remain a meditative 'Utopian prince.'


    Damien met a beautiful young Russian girl named Shelbye and the two decided to become Russian vigilantes together, fashioning very outlandish crime-fighting costumes and referring to themselves as 'Nightwing' (Damien) and 'Batgirl' (Shelbye). Nightwing and Batgirl fell in love with all kinds of comic books which spoke to a new age urbanization-paranoia related vigilantism pensiveness, which arguably 'developed' in global culture during the eras of Al Capone, the Los Angeles Race Riots, and 9/11. Nightwing and Batgirl began pursuing the footprints of the Moscow underworld crime-syndicate Black Mask and were joined by other passionate Russian patriots and even American politicians and British royals such as Bill Clinton and Prince William. Nightwing/Damien decided that the rallying-cry of all this 'urbanization-idealism' would be the modernism film Dark City (Alex Proyas).


    As Damien (Nightwing) continued his public 'Moscow crusade,' he continued to collect various rich comic books including Wonder Woman (DC Comics) books and Dick Tracy detective-novels. Damien decided these new age 'pedestrianism-friendly' storybooks/images of great bravado and idealistic valor represented a globalization-relevant meditation on the 'pure aesthetics' of customs, norms, and socialization and differed greatly from the literary aesthetic of Orwellian tradition/writers such as Ray Bradbury and Arthur Conan Doyle. Damien knew these comics were somehow comparable to Ancient Egypt hieroglyphics which equally-expressed a sociocultural fascination with 'expressive Utopianism.'


    A Hollywood (USA) movie superstar, Tom Cruise, whose works in various culturally-symbolic films including Rain Man, Born on the 4th of July, Minority Report, and American Made, made him something of a 'media diplomat' and was something like the 'foil' to Damien --- the Fortinbras to Damien's Hamlet. Cruise decided to portray the DC Comics superhero/vigilante Green Lantern, since the fictional avatar/hero signified a modern global fascination with pure 'justice illumination.' Would a media-diplomat such as Tom Cruise be able to help Damien/Nightwing? Perhaps Damien's mother Ellen prayed that he could...


    As Shelbye noticed the rise of Cruise in the public arena, she advised Damien to work with Cruise and herself retired from crime-fighting. Shelbye retired to an ashram in northern California and began growing grapes for a winery. Damien (Nightwing) was still proud of her and vowed to retire someday with her after his crusade came to an end. Shelbye (formerly 'Batgirl') grew peace-symbolic 'dreadlocks' (hair-style extensions signifying primalism/naturalism) and waited patiently for her beau Damien/Nightwing to triumph and return to her arms. Shelbye, like Damien's mother Ellen, knew that something good would come of all this 'modern drama.'


    As Damien continued to coordinate those who came to his aid in Moscow to help him tackle the evils of the crime-syndicate Black Mask, Cruise continued to make pro-democratic films and offer pro-capitalism/consumerism messages in public/press interviews. Perhaps Ellen's prayers would be answered and there would truly be a global mobilization that would make capitalism much more 'secure' and establish Damien/Nightwing as a real modern 'knight' of urban vigilance. Meanwhile, Hollywood (USA) continued to make more vigilantism-fantasy films such as The Dark Knight, The Avengers, Sin City, and Underworld: Evolution.


    As Damien/Nightwing continued to 'shine' Black Mask took on a new menacing face and its members 'evolved' to become more 'maniacal.' They began wearing strange and eerie masks and performing more serial-killings and sometimes referring to mini-factions of its larger group which had now really become something of a 'cult.' These mini-factions were referring to themselves as 'The Strangers' and soon comic book writers and urban-crime story writers began making art/stories about 'The Strangers' which caught the attention of both Damien and Cruise. The Strangers were the new Helter-Skelter. Would Moscow endure all this 'vanity'?


    As the Strangers experimented with forms of anarchy, mayhem, murder, and even arson, Damien/Nightwing and even Cruise requested that comic book artists translate these urban crimes into vigilance-themed fantasy-tales of justice for youngsters to appreciate. Soon Marvel Comics' anti-hero Pyro (a fire-specialist) became a 'mascot-avatar' for this new urban movement. Pyro was arguably the new Headless Horseman.


    A priest in Moscow decided to begin distributing blue-and-gold Christian crosses to pedestrians on the street, urging them to take a more active role in the social criticism relevant to new age urbanization consciousness. This priest believed that the work of Damien/Nightwing was important, but so was general social religious fervor created by the private prayers of everyday people. God and Satan wondered how the 'axis' between this Russian priest and Damien's mother, the cloistered nun Ellen, would represent all this new age 'evangelism-intrigue.' Maybe Hollywood (USA) would make a movie about all this stuff...


    As Damien/Nightwing grew to become a real force of vigilantism in Moscow, he donned a new crime-fighting costume and began calling himself 'Batman.' Batman dealt personally with a new minion of Black Mask who served as a pseudo-figurehead 'unifying' all the mini-factions (The Strangers). This new minion was called Bane --- as in 'bane of humanity.' Batman (Damien) knew Bane was a steroids-pumped super-brute, so he had to muster all his conviction and courage to dispel this menace from the streets of Moscow forever. After a monumental street-brawl involving the forces/allies of Batman and the ghouls of Bane (from Black Mask and Stranger factions), the Russian press hailed Batman as an 'urban savior' (since Batman somehow managed to quell the hideous Bane).


    A special capitalism-securities council was convened in Moscow and New York and members were appointed by the Kremlin as well as the Trump Administration. This council was called the Capital Cabinet [CC] and its job was to complement the work of NYPD and Moscow police to create commercial traffic securities and trade-route peace-pacts so that capitalism/consumerism would shine...rather than the sort of urban anarchy Damien/Nightwing/Batman dealt with during his 'crusade.' CC was the new United Nations.


    TRUMP: Damien was the new age Robin Hood!
    CARTER: Yes, he inspired many comic book writers...
    TRUMP: Perhaps Tom Cruise will be the 'American homeland' diplomat.
    CARTER: Cruise is arguably the new Errol Flynn.
    TRUMP: Are you a fan of Crime Story (TV)?
    CARTER: No, but I like Michael Mann films --- Miami Vice.
    TRUMP: What if Damien is...the AntiChrist?
    CARTER: No; I think he's more like an 'urban crusader.'
    TRUMP: Maybe Damien is a lot like The Crow!
    CARTER: Did you like Tom Cruise's new Green Lantern (DC Comics) film?
    TRUMP: Yes, it was an American 'trophy' directed by Brett Ratner.
    CARTER: Ratner also made the urban-commerce crime-story Rush Hour.
    TRUMP: Yes, that film's all about new age 'Hong Kong intrigue.'
    CARTER: I wonder if all this 'intrigue' will simply exhaust mankind.
    TRUMP: Nah, there's nothing wrong with a little 'spiritual labor.'
    CARTER: Perhaps civilization does not 'develop' without serious 'drama.'
    TRUMP: Life is eccentric...


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    I knew this was going to end with a Trump line....To smart

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