Holy Frickin Heck

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by Avatar4321, Jul 5, 2005.

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    Holy frickin heck people are stupid sometimes. So I am at this other website and this guys is complaining that he has it bad. He has it so bad that he cant even eat frequently and has to look at porn all the time to feel the semblance of intimacy.

    So naturally I'm thinking Holy Frickin heck. How on earth do you afford the internet when you can't even afford food? I mean isn't living alittle more important than looking at porn online? I mean seriously people.

    And he is complaining that he cant finish school because his family is acting like he is better than them for going to school and has tons of debt from the previous attempt at school. And im just thinking screw them then. If they don't want to you to succeed well then they just dont see the money later (Although honestly i would probably still help them later cause they are family) but seriously though. Why let others dictate your lives? You have time to sit online and watch porn, why not take out another loan or so and finish up school so you can actually get a job where you dont get paid crap for doing crap?

    Who cares if you have to work crappy jobs to get along for a little while. Get over it. If you have to work two or three jobs to survive, work the jobs! It's better to work your butt off than starve while whining about it online. There is nothing wrong with good hard work. If you have to work with crappy people in a crappy environment atleast you arent starving yourself.

    I want to bang my head against for actually watching this person whine like this. Atleast if you are going to whine whine about something you dont have obvious control over or cant fix easily.

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