Holy Father Decries Gap Between The Reich and The Poor(?)!

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    Anyone can validate so: That The Vatican website, (www.vatican.va), is really all that multi-lingual.

    Los Angeles Times, July 13, 2009, reports that the Anglican and the Catholic leaderships alike--representing 58% of the planet's 2.1 bil. Christians--are alarmed at the recent transgressions of the New Reagan Trajectory. According to LA Times, Holy Father Says, "The church does not have technical solutions to offer and does not claim to interfere in any way in the politics of states. . . .It does however have a mission to accomplish."

    "Oy!" is nowhere recorded, and in fact: Los Angeles Times does not report if they are refering to "Caritas In Veritate," (Charity in Truth), released on June 29, or something else unheard of, anywhere in the world! Hollywood merely takes for granted: That everyone already knows!

    In Chapter 3--of the one on record--(really old) Holy Father cites Paul VI, "Populorum Progression," or however, that "the poor are not a burden but a resource," and that it is erroneous to believe that a market has a need for poverty. Holy Father follows up, "It must be borne in mind that grave imbalances are produced when economic action, conceived merely as an engine for wealth creation, is detached from political action, conceived as means for pursuing justice through redistribution."

    So anyone now knows what part of the afterlife the "Reagan Trajectory" gets sent to--and who will be following that along.

    On Venice Beach, in California, we know this. Really Liberal Democrats know that "Centrist" is synomous with "Peace and Freedom Party," "Angela Davis," and "Communist Party USA!" That is not to suggest that Really Liberal Democrats from Venice Beach, in California--have a lot in common with Republicans, after all. It goes more to the matter of running around the beach, saying: "Guys! It really doesn't work! It's really all wrong! It's just like Israel! It doesn't work at all--or however that is said! Surely in history, someone has pointed this out!"

    So all the bail-outs are really abomination--kind of like eating bacon, or homosexuality, after all! The Holy Father even claims that the position of the Church is that "justice must be applied to every phase of economic activity."

    Or as the Anglicans, (Archbiship of Canterbury) understand the New Reagan Trajectory, "In the last six to nine months, what we have seen in our world is not simply an economic crisis, but a crisis of truthfulness. . . .We have suddenly discovered that we have been lying to ourselves."

    Which raises the question certain: If they can read the inteviews in Reno, "Gazette"--Why can't read the old editions of the "Free Venice Beachhead!" Even the ads proclaimed it: "You Don't Know Me--Don't Leave Rome Without It (Matthew 20::1-16)!

    You know: Religious Stuff, even in Venice, CA.

    "Crow, James Crow: Shaken, Not Stirred!"
    (Her Majesty's Archbishop, of the Church Episcopal, knows a thing or two about the Reagan Trajectory, and of course it's complete lack of National Health Insurance!)
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