Hold Off On That Crown For Just A Moment, Please.

Discussion in 'Congress' started by The BKP, Jul 27, 2008.

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    While members of the media are busy planning the entertainment for the Inaugural Balls and collecting carpet and drapery swatches for Michelle's consideration, they might want to hold off on ordering Obama's royal cloak and let the voter's do their part; vote.

    Go back with me, if you will, a mere year ago.

    Hillary Clinton was the presumptive first female President of the United States; having only to go through the motions of seizing the Democratic nomination and dispatching the Republican sacrificial lamb on her way to the Oval Office.

    Barack Obama was an inelegant and non-descript member of the political Seven Dwarfs that were nothing more than patsies to be knocked out on Clinton's way to claiming the championship title.

    A funny thing happened on the way to Hillary's Inauguration, though. Apparently the voters failed to read the script, didn't catch their cues and definitely didn't hit their marks.

    A year later, Barack Obama is the Democratic nominee and Hillary is saddled with a $22 million campaign debt.

    Hmmmmmm....I wonder if the deposit on Hillary's crown was non-refundable?

    Having failed to learn from their mistakes, the media now promotes Obama as being the first black President of the United States; having merely to go through the motions of dispatching the Republican sacrificial lamb on his way to the Oval Office.

    One last step back through the portal with me, please, Time Bandits. On the morning of Labor Day, 1988, Mike "Tank" Dukakis was soundly thrashing George H. W. Bush by 12 points nationally. Bush went on not only to rally, but beat Dukakis by 8 points in an Electoral College drubbing of 426 to 111.

    While I personally believe at this point it is Obama's race to lose, I've got a novel idea. Call me old-fashioned, but perhaps we should go ahead and hold the election and let the voters vote before we begin making hotel reservations and shopping for evening gowns.

    Just a thought.
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    im one who favors actually voting. It's far more reliable than the media and polls.

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