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    Iran Falls For Pepsi Hoax

    Thousands flocked to their roofs on Tuesday to see Pepsi Co. go where no soda had gone before... space, according to MSN. The Russia Times reports false rumors had been circling social networks and Iranian websites for days claiming that Pepsi Co. was planning on using high powered lasers to create the ultimate out-of-this-world advertisement: their logo on the side of the moon. Unfortunately the logo never showed.


    Advertising/propaganda works!

    After weeks of listening and watching a steady drumbeat making the false claim that Pepsi was going to use laser beams to produce the Pepsi logo on the face of the moon, thousands of Iranians flocked to their rooftops to witness the event. Does that mean Iranians are susceptible to advertising/propaganda, just plain dumb, or unsophisticated consumers of information?

    Before answering consider; after listening and watching a steady drumbeat of advertising/propaganda about the false claim that Iraq was a threat to the United States, 47% of Americans supported invading a country that posed no threat to the United States.

    Citizens United allows almost unlimited access for the monied plutocracy to advertise/propagandize and buy the American people's vote.



    But that support drops off if the U.N. backing being sought by the United States, Britain and Spain Monday is not obtained. If the U.N. Security Council rejects a resolution paving the way for military action, only 54% of Americans favor a U.S. invasion. And if the Bush administration does not seek a final Security Council vote, support for a war drops to 47%.


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