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    January: Martin Luther King Day

    Many schools use this month to teach on 'Black history' even though Black History month don't start till February.

    February: Black History Month

    I think the teaching on Black history during January and February is over done. Teaching it is not the problem, over doing it is.

    March: Woman's History, Greek America, Irish American Month

    The focus is more on Woman's history during this month. No one hardly even touches on the Greek or Irish history. Most don't even know that March is Greek and Irish history month.

    April: Diversity Month

    I found this month on only one site while looking up history/heritage months.

    May: Asian Pacific, Jewish, Older American Month

    Never hear anything about these during this month.

    June: Caribbean American, Gay and Lesbian Pride Month

    Most focus is more on the Gay and Lesbian Pride during this month. Not many know this month is also Caribbean Month.

    July: American Heritage Month

    The focus on this month is how America become a nation.

    August: Woman's Equality Month

    Focus is on how women acquired equality, though not much hype about it.

    September: Hispanic Month(Sept. 15th-Oct. 15th)

    October: Hispanic, German, Italian, Polish Month

    The one focused on more is Hispanic Month during Sep. and Oct. Again, many do not know Oct. it is also a month for Germans, Italians, and Polish.

    November: American Indian Month

    Though there is some focus on American Indians during this month, it is still not much. Most of the focus is on Thanksgiving and it is not very accurate.

    December: Universal Human Rights

    Though it is supposed to be a month for human rights, it is mostly focused on Blacks rights than any other.

    Does anyone see a problem here? Why is it that the focus during most of the year is on Black history? Why is it that Black history is taught more than any other group? It is taught so much that many do not know that some of the other groups even have a month set aside for them.

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