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Discussion in 'Tea Party' started by texasdon, Nov 18, 2012.

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    Hispanic USA citizen voters no doubt want amnesty for illegals.The question is --why? Our laws on the books say that coming here illegally is a crime.Our laws also say that anyone that aids or abets an illegal in any way has also committed a crime.Our Constitution says the federal govt. is charged with protecting the states from invasion.Well--we have been invaded by millions of illegals and out govt. still refuses to secure our borders. I am mostly of Irish heritage.Do I want people from Ireland to come here illegally? Of course not.But --hispanic voters want open borders,illegals to come here,and once they are here --grant them amnesty and USA citizenship .Hispanics do not want our laws on our books followed and do not want our Constitution followed.So ----I am calling out all Hispanics openly.What country are you loyal to? Are you loyal to the USA or to Mexico? This is not a stupid question.From where I stand there is no doubt you are loyal to Mexico and do not consider the USA to be your country--even though you are a citizen here.When a person is loyal to another country --other than their own--it brings up two words --"treason" and "traitor". So --let's hear from all you Hispanic voters out there.Why have you thrown your country under the bus--and vote for Mexico? Why are you a traitor?

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