Hillary Fundraiser Eludes Jail for 15 Years

Discussion in 'Politics' started by ScreamingEagle, Aug 30, 2007.

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    August 29, 2007

    This is one of those stories that could only happen to a Clinton.

    Norman Hsu, a prominent Democratic fundraiser who has funnelled hundreds of thousands of dollars into Hillary Clinton's Senate campaigns and pledged to raise $100,000 for her presidential bid has been a fugitive from justice for 15 years.

    In typical Clinton fashion, the best defense is a good offense. When in doubt, deny, deny, deny:

    Hillary Fundraiser Part II
    Rick Moran
    August 30, 2007

    My piece yesterday about a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton who has been on the lamb from the cops for 15 years because of a conviction for Grand Theft tried to make the point that this was a typical Clinton scandal being handled in typical Clinton fashion.

    Today, the Clintonistas made me look like a soothsayer.

    After first praising the fundraiser, Norman Hsu as being a "longtime and generous supporter of the Democratic Party" whose integrity was above question, the campaign did a 180 degree about face and scrambled to address the core issue; that Hsu probably raised hundreds of thousands of dollars by skirting FEC regulations:

    This again is typical Clinton strategy in dealing with scandal: If the denial of wrongdoing doesn't work, pretend you never said anything and try and fix the problem. The fact that Hsu has given hundreds of thousands of dollars over the last three years to Democrats all over the country - including $100,000 to Hillary's Senate campaign - is not mentioned. In fact, the statement by Clinton's campaign manager goes out of its way to downplay the entire affair:

    Hsu is known in fundraising circles as a "bundler" - someone who collects checks from large groups of wealthy donors and presents them to the campaign. Since many of these checks and donors list one single address of a house in a San Francisco suburb, suspicion is that most of that money could be Hsus' and that he either created many donors or re-imbursed contributors for their donations.

    Hillary's troubles with another big contributor, Peter Paul, and a star studded gala fundraiser for her Senate campaign that was improperly reported to the FEC resulted in large fines. One begins to wonder just how many other fundraising scandals involving Hillary Clinton are out there just waiting to be discovered.

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    Fear not Jillian will be along to explain to us how the FEC is just an arm of the Bush White House and any fines or finds they made are political hack jobs with no legal basis or sound findings in law.

    Of course don't actually ask her to defend her claims, she is much to busy calling Democrats lap dogs for Bush.

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