Hillary Campaign Outsourcing

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hjmick, Jun 19, 2007.

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    Breaking news from the campaign trail...

    Hillary Clinton's campaign is outsourcing some aspects of their efforts. Yes, that's right, I said outsourcing, as in using the work of foreign nationals.

    As many of you know, the Clinton campaign has been working hard to select a campaign song. They went so far as to solicit the general public. After recieving thousands of entries, both original tunes and your standard commercial hits, they've made their selection.

    They have picked Celine Dion's 'You and I' as their campaign song...

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    So, if you needed one more reason to not trust Hillary with our country, you've got two. She likes Celine Dion and couldn't use a good old American musician to inspire the nation. Another American musician out of work. So sad.

    (Please note, my tongue is firmly planted in cheek) :lol:

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