Hidden hands are shifting populations AGAIN

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    Shortly before WWII, we witnessed hidden political hands suddenly forcing millions of people out of their homes, off their land, and into cities in other countries. The Polish people, for example, were forced into Germany. Those who refused to leave, were murdered on the spot.

    The cities of course became overcrowded, poverty stricken, disease infested -- and most interestingly a target for Hitler and his Nazi goons. A closer look shows the forced shifts in major populations of people came from none other than Hitler's controller -- the Vatican. Hitler even stood at an outside podium, pounding his fists and screaming, "I am a Catholic, I am a good Catholic".

    First the hidden hands forced the massive population shifts, got all those people centralized, THEN they were easily packed in trains and hauled away to death camps. Nice and tidy. Create the problem, then blame the victims for the mess. After all, weren't they a "problem"??

    Right now we are once again seeing forced populations being shifted all over the world. Once again we find the dirty hands of the Vatican in this picture. For example, the Vatican has been ratlining Palestinians and Nazis to South America where those animals have been deliberately creating horrific violence to shove South Americans north into other countries.

    And of course, the Vatican handpicks all the "elected" officials south of the American borders who conveniently hand out "survival" boxes to those migrants, boxes that contain even condoms.

    This shove and population shift continues to and across the American border. The Vatican ain't no good ol boy in this picture.

    And don't kid yourself about the fact the Vatican is exactly who put Iraqis in Hitler's military, then ratlined them back to Iraq with instructions and assistance in the formation of what we know today as "terrorism". All of that came from the Vatican. The Vatican wants control of the entire world.

    Yet another example of Vatican involvement is seen in Europe, specifically Austria where huge populations of Gypsies were shifted. Of course there were problems. So the Vatican issued a Kill Order to Austria. They were to begin exterminating the Gypsies. THAT news is something we have not been told in America and only comes from folks who have kin in Austria, visit Austria or otherwise find themselves in that sorry nazi mess. And yes, the Vatican even shifted populations of Gypsies to England. Everywhere the Gypsies have been forced to move, we find the same dynamics that existed in the forced population shift of the Polish people.

    Why is it the Vatican is allowed such unbridled liberties? Who allowed those disgusting people to have a seat in the UN?

    This isn't about religion or Christianity vs Islam, or even jobs. This is about a goon squad located in the Vatican, who is using a church and faith to couch behind the most evil and heinous plans of violence against all people on this planet. They've done it before and they are doing it again. And, they are using the same old plans they used before and during WWII.

    Finally, if you are wondering why food prices are so high, well it goes with the forced shifting of populations but not in the way you think. The Vatican happens to control Commodities worldwide. It's part of the manmade famine the Mormons and others have been warning people about since the 70s. The Vatican has had their game plan down for a long time and they can shut down food supplies worldwide in a heartbeat. That's a fact.

    The primary victims of this forced immigration worldwide, of course, must return to their home countries. But first, the nazis and the Vatican have to be purged from those countries so their countries will be safe for them to return home to again. And food Commodities control must be removed from Vatican control, all of it.

    Never ever forget, that the very people -- the very populations who are being shifted, are the exact targets for yet another holocaust. Take a look at who is being shifted, and you will see exactly who the Vatican and their nazis intend to exterminate.

    By the way, German troops crossed the French border two weeks ago precisely in the same way they did in WWII. They claimed they were "friends".

    Ah but I can't end this posting without informing you of the fact the Vatican gave those people options after they were herded into crowded cities. (1) They could rat on their friends, (2) become a guard over their own people and their own families, or (3) convert to Catholicism. The Vatican even had a stack of pre-printed phony baptismal certificates and false IDs ready for those who agreed to convert.

    Since my family members lived through the forced Polish population shift, we are well acquainted with the dynamics. Most of you are not familiar with any of this. I hope this posting has proven beneficial. WWIII is coming and I hope you and your families are ready. We are in the early stages right now.

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