Hi, guys. I'm here to share my concerns relating Georgia

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    Hi, guys. I'm here to share my concerns relating Georgia. As a virologist working with some pharmaceutical firm (get it right, I'm reluctant to disclose more info on it here) I had to visit that damned Georgia. Why damned? My colleague, a young charming woman got some unknown infection there. She's still in hospital undergoing some medical test. First it looked just like a typical cold with running nose and some cough you know. But back in France Nadine was alarmed to find her body covered with small bleeding boils, There were also some other unpleasant revelations of an unknown disease.
    Meanwhile I happened to learn that there have been some more such cases registered on the border with Abkhazia, which is staying a sworn enemy of Georgian president Saakashvili recently. Some analogy with the Vietnam war suggests itself immediately. When at war in Vietnam Americans used against their Vietnamese enemy some new modifications of biological and chemical warfare. They did that in violation of all the international regulations active then! Now, it may be not just deliberate effort to spread the virus or test it in the fields so to say. It may well be some leakage of some virus stuff or what else.
    Anyway, I know it for sure that Georgia, set to join NATO at any price, gave her consent to participate in some Pentagon research project in biological warfare. Just dig into it! There's a huge biolab inside Georgia with her weird president hosting even Islamic (!!) radicals on Georgian soil and widespread corruption and other disgusting things of the sort.
    IMHO we may face some really tough problems originating in Georgia and it appears we already have to face some huge and dreadful challenge presently......
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