hey soccer players! learn how to shoot!

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    When it comes to shooting, you almost always want to focus on technique over power. You will generate power using the proper technique! Here are some things to keep in mind!
    1: one of the biggest mistakes I see is players not locking their ankle! You want it locked in place with your toes pointing down throughout the whole motion!
    2: next, you want to be looking to strike the ball towards the center. Too low and you’ll balloon it over, too high and you’ll hit it into the ground ⏺
    3: typically, you want your plant foot next to the ball and you want it facing your target. With certain technique, this may change, but in general it is the case
    4: Get you body over the ball. Another common mistake is leaning back! If you do that, you’re more likely to hit the ball over the net
    5: finally, you have to believe you’re going to score! Never doubt yourself when shooting. Also, mentally aim for where you want the ball to go. As you get better, your body will follow your mind

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