Herman Cain - Approve Only Small Bills!!! Right on Mr. Cain!

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    Cain is on the right ON. Back in the day bills were small, because they wanted law makers to actually READ THEM! None of the Congressman read Obaminationcare before they voted Yes or No on it. That is an INJUSTICE. However, they get flooded with multiple bills a day that are 500 to 2000 pages long. The length is NOT needed and really only causes a ton of litigation, instead of preventing it. Look the constitution, the best piece of legislation ever created in WORLD HISTORY is what 20 pages long. Most of the amendment are less than a page! Many amendments fit on the same page! Make that they norm not the exception.

    Legislation like Obaminationcare are intention made long to confuse the voter, media and especially the legislator, fill it with pork, fill it with things that have nothing to do with the stated purpose (like student loan overhaul - what does student loans have to do with healthcare reform :eusa_eh:) and to get voted on without anyone knowing what's in it!

    A bill should be able to be read in one night, very important bills should take no longer than a weekend to read!

    Cain says only three pages. OK I will admit that is going too far to the extreme and he said he was exaggerating. He just wants readable and understandable bills free of earmarks and pork! THAT IS RIGHT ON! I say the goal should be 20 pages. If it goes over 20 pages then there better be a damn good reason. 50 pages max and after that it automatically gets disqualified!

    It's about time our legislatures read the bills that they vote on! It's a god damn injustice and abuse of power that they would for or against something they never read. And a 200, 500 or 1000 page bill is unreadable. A 2000 page bill like Obamination would take over a year to dissect and interpret to a low-level familiarity. It would take 5-10 years to get a master familiarity!

    And all Congressman should take an oath saying they will only vote for or against a bill they actually have read!

    Because Nancy Pelosi philosophy of "We have to approve the bill to see what's in it" it a grave injustice!

    Herman Cain Now Open to Signing Bills Over Three Pages Long -- Daily Intel

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