Here is how Canada deals with illegal immigration, five years and counting in a Federal Max. Prison

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    For those anyone who thinks America is tough on their border, or Canada a nice, fair country. No charges, 5 years and counting sitting in maximum security prison.

    Immigration detainee Ebrahim Toure marks five years without freedom: ‘What’s going on with me is not right’ | The Star

    At Ebrahim Toure’s first detention review hearing, three days after he was arrested by Canada’s border police, immigration authorities said his detention was not likely to be “unduly lengthy.”

    They just had to get him a travel document and put him on a plane.

    That was five years ago. Toure is still behind bars.

    The federal government, meanwhile, appears to be no closer to deporting the 46-year-old failed refugee claimant to Gambia, where he is believed to have been born. He has no identity documents and Gambian officials have given no indication they will issue him any.

    So Toure continues to wait, with no idea when he will be free.

    “What’s going on with me is not right,” he told the Star from inside the Immigration Holding Centre on Rexdale Blvd. in Etobicoke. “You can’t put somebody in jail for five years with no crime.”
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    Some where in the South.
    You have given them some slack.. Kind of slow and layed back. The have a lot of layers of Government to get the ticket to send you back in a human way.

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